Food Sensitivity Testing

Measures foods, colors, and additives (including Candida) for IgG 1-4 and C3d complement.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Food intolerance, food sensitivity, and food allergies are the different ways your body reacts to different types of food. And there can be a lot of confusion surrounding these topics. That is a big mistake for your overall health and wellness. Food Sensitivity Testing tells patients what their level of sensitivity is to a large number of foods.

According to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology, the definition of food intolerance is the following:

”A food intolerance or a food sensitivity occurs when a person has difficulty digesting a particular food. This can lead to symptoms such as intestinal gas, abdominal pain, or diarrhea.

Food intolerance is sometimes confused with or mislabeled as a food allergy. Food intolerances involve the digestive system. Food allergies affect the immune system. With a food allergy, even a microscopic amount of the food has the potential to lead to a serious or life-threatening reaction called anaphylaxis.”

That is why Palm Harbor Pharmacy is pleased to offer Food Sensitivity Testing for you and your family members. We are committed to ensuring our patients live life to the fullest, and a healthy gut is a critical part of that journey.

Food Sensitivity Affects the Whole Body

Suppose there are certain foods you just cannot seem to eat anymore. In that case, you may have developed an intolerance or sensitivity. That does not mean you are allergic, just that your body has a difficult time digesting that particular food.

When our food cannot be digested, there are a few things that happen to the body.

  1. Our body does not absorb the nutrients from the food we eat as it should.
  2. Some may only experience abdominal pain or discomfort, bloating, and gas.
  3. Others may have fatigue, headache, sluggishness, or brain fog.

All of these reactions can affect your overall quality of life. And at Palm Harbor Pharmacy, we want you to have the best quality of life you can. So why not identify those items with Food Sensitivity Testing and begin to restructure your diet accordingly?

When you feel better, we feel better at Palm Harbor Pharmacy.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing for a Healthier You

Ready to get your testing completed at Palm Harbor Pharmacy? Here is all you need to know to get started.

Our testing involves a visit to the store and a finger stick or blood draw, depending on the type of testing you choose. These tests offer different levels of assistance in attaining your goals of a healthier you.

They will measure foods, colors, and additives (including Candida) for IgG 1-4 and C3d complement. And the turnaround time is approximately seven to ten business days.

We offer the following Food Sensitivity Testing for our patients.

    • FIT 176
    • FIT 132
    • FIT 150

To take a look at these tests in further detail and discover the pricing for each, click here. For more information on these tests, talk with one of our pharmacy staff members, access the Foods We Test list here, and Schedule your testing at Palm Harbor Pharmacy.

Once testing is complete and the results are in, you can take the easy-to-read instructions to your doctor or pharmacist to make the necessary dietary adjustments if needed. Food Sensitivity Testing is about looking at the whole picture of your health and the role food plays as both nourishment and medicine for you.

Dedicated to Your Health and Wellness

In addition to offering Food Sensitivity Testing, Palm Harbor Pharmacy encourages nutritional supplements for those lacking in specific vitamins and minerals due to food sensitivity. We carry the following vitamin and mineral supplements to support healthy immunity and more.

  • Vitamin D works to decrease inflammation and support immune function.
  • Vitamin C plays a role in protecting the integrity of cells and supporting boost immune function.
  • Zinc is essential for immune function and can be helpful with initial symptoms of illness, shortening the duration of symptoms.
  • Vitamin A helps the immune system by maintaining the integrity of mucus membranes in addition to being part of the adaptive (long term) immune response.
  • Omega 3 fatty acids decrease inflammation in the body. Inflammation is a significant root cause of the development and severity of several chronic illnesses.
  • Probiotics protect the friendly bacteria (gut flora) that live in the gastrointestinal tract and are an integral part of your immunity.

At Palm Harbor Pharmacy, we are indeed dedicated to your health and wellness with a full array of nutritional supplements, educational information, and testing. Contact us today or stop by to join in our dedication to the healthy lives of Palm Harbor and the surrounding areas.