Dispill® Multi-Dose Pill Packaging

If you have been prescribed multiple medications at various times of day, you may find the process a bit overwhelming. Did you remember to take this one? Maybe you forgot to take that one? As you know, precision is the key to proper medication dosages and effective treatment. But there is good news. Dispill® Multi-dose Pill Packaging makes these doses more manageable to take than ever. 

Since 1995 Dispill® has been dedicated to helping patients adhere to dosing easier and more accurately. And at Palm Harbor Pharmacy, we are pleased to offer innovative pill packaging to our valued patients.

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What is Multi-Dose Packaging?

This brilliantly created pill packaging system helps patients stick to their proper medication dosages, times, and more. That way, your local Palm Harbor Pharmacist can place all your medications in easy-to-open blister packaging that is convenient and ready to use. It comes in cards of 28 or 32 cells. And because they are packaged right in your pharmacy, you know you are getting the proper medications at the correct times and eliminating mix-ups.

Bundling your medications together in a simple way with multi-dose pill packaging by date and time is a genius way to simplify your healthcare.

Dispill® medication packaging offers convenience and accountability for those who take multiple doses at various times of the day. Our pill packaging provides the following:

  • Color-coded packaging by the time of day.
  • Detached and portable packaging.
  • Convenience and simplicity.
  • Packs filled by your pharmacist, so you know the dosages are accurate.

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The Benefits of Pill Packaging

  1. The information on the packaging is easy to read and organized. And they come in larger fonts if needed. Just ask the pharmacist.
  2. Each blister opens with an easy-to-pull tab and perforations.
  3. Labels printed in 87 languages and dialects.
  4. High quality and cost-effective packaging.

Note: These packages are designed to be easy to open. We recommend you keep this and all medication out of the reach of children. 

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Pill Packaging

Let Palm Harbor Pharmacy Help You Stay on Schedule

Dispill® Multi-Dose Pill Packaging filled by the caring and friendly staff at Palm Harbor Pharmacy almost guarantees you don’t miss or mix up a dosage. And, as long as you take the prescribed blister at the recommended time, you will get all you need with one pull of an easy-open tab.

Your Palm Harbor Pharmacy wants the very best for your healthcare and wellness. This is just one more way we are looking out for the patients of Palm Harbor and the surrounding areas. Integrating our modern take on medicine dosing with our old school values, patients receive the best in pharmacy care.

Making changes in how you take your medications and supplements can be a scary decision. However, our team will make sure the transition is easy to understand and customized to your wellness needs.

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