FREE Kids Club Vitamin Program

Are you aware that it is recommended children through age 12 take a multi-vitamin supplement? Particularly a supplement containing fluoride if your drinking water is not already fluoridated.

We at Palm Harbor Pharmacy believe in the old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” That’s why we say preventative medicine is our best medicine and we want to help your children with their total health and well being.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1Whats The Catch?
There is none. No additional purchase is necessary. This is just our way of saying “THANK YOU!” to a very supportive community.
2Who Is Eligible?
All children 12 and under whose doctor recommends they take a vitamin supplement.
3What Is Covered?
Chewable or liquid forms of Fluoride, Tri-vitamins, Tri-vitamins with Fluoride, Tri-vitamins with Iron, Multi-vitamins, Multi-vitamins with fluoride and Multi-vitamins with Iron.
4How Do I Get Started?
Ask your child’s doctor for a prescription or tell us who your child’s doctor is and we’ll be happy to call for an authorization.
5How Often Can I Get A Refill?
Once a month, no more than seven days early, unless prior arrangements have been made. Some liquid vitamins come pre-packaged by the manufacturer in 50 day supplies and will be dispensed as such.
6Are All Brands Of Vitamins Covered?
No, not all vitamin suppliers participate in our program. If you prefer a brand not included, your preferred brand will be discounted a proportionate amount.
7How Can I Continue Receiving Vitamins After The 1st Year?
A family that has at least four other prescriptions filled at our pharmacy during the previous year, will be entitled to the next year free. To qualify more than one child, multiply four prescriptions times the number of children in the family. Even prescriptions filled for the family pet count!
8What If I Don't Need A Prescription Filled But I Need The Vitamins Refilled?
No Problem. If you’re in the program you can receive your child’s free vitamins each month, no purchase necessary.