Lab Work Services

When you place trust in your local pharmacy, they become the healthcare facility that knows you best outside your physician. Your physician and pharmacist both work hard to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. Visiting Palm Harbor Pharmacy, you will learn the distinct benefits of having a relationship with the staff at your pharmacy. And getting lab work done is simply another part of excellent pharmaceutical care.

You see, we believe patients shouldn’t let the drudgery of getting lab work prevent them from living their best life and achieving optimal health. That is why we are here to help provide quick answers and solutions to several of your health needs. And Palm Harbor Pharmacy partners with Ulta Labs to bring our patients’ affordable Wholesale Lab Pricing to save you 80% off over 1,500 tests.

Palm Harbor Pharmacy Offers Lab Work You Can Trust

Ordering lab work has never been more accessible at Palm Harbor Pharmacy. In fact, you can choose your own labs and what you would like to test for. For instance, if you are thinking about going on a diet, you may want to have your cholesterol tested. When you are starting HRT, you could have your hormones tested. Or perhaps when you have been working diligently to get your sugars down, you may want a test done to see your progress.

When you order lab work through your Palm Harbor Pharmacist, you can test for almost anything you would like to monitor. Our friendly staff will talk you through the entire process and more. The benefits of your pharmacist ordering the tests for you are as follows.

  1. Gain individual and customized advice. We will make recommendations on lab work based on your health concerns, age, and self-care needs.
  2. We can work with your physician.
  3. Lab work at the pharmacy is convenient. You need not schedule an appointment. Just stop in, and we can make a plan for lab work that suits your needs.
  4. Lab testing consults deepen the relationship between pharmacist and patient.
  5. Your pharmacist can make doctor referrals base on the results of your lab results.

Think of Palm Harbor Pharmacy as your personal access point for ordering lab work. It is just one more way we care for our patients and customers.

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How Does It Work?

Palm Harbor Pharmacy offers the services of Ulta Labs for patients to order their labs directly. And they test for almost anything. So here is how we work with patients and Ulta Labs to promote health and overall wellness.

  • Step One: When you visit your pharmacist, you share information about your health concerns.
  • Step Two: Your pharmacist will discuss testing that may assist you on your journey to wellness.
  • Step Three: Our pharmacy staff places your order and processes your payment through Ulta Lab’s safe and secure payment system.
  • Step Four: Then, you will receive an automated confirmation email receipt from Ulta Lab Tests along with instructions to create your confidential Ulta Lab Tests account where you can view the results.
  • Step Five: Now, you can take your receipt and run over to Quest Labs for the blood draw or specimen collected. This step is at a low cost of only $8. Be sure to bring your PSC Requisition for the lab work specifications.
  • Step Six: Once the testing is complete, your results will be on your personal portal with Ulta Labs through Palm Harbor Pharmacy. And you can even opt to have the results sent right to the pharmacists, so they are on record there as well.

Now you are prepared to take the next step. Share the results with your pharmacist, physician, or both for optimal care. Your personal dashboard with Ulta Labs will make it easy for all your providers to give informed wellness with in-depth knowledge.

Palm Harbor Pharmacy Partners with Ulta Labs for all Your Lab Work Needs

Lab tests offered can lower your healthcare costs, allowing your Palm Harbor Pharmacy the chance to provide additional healthcare services for your and your loved ones.

After all, we are your neighborhood pharmacy offering complete and total wellness care in every way we can. Pharmacies don’t just provide medicines and bandages anymore. We are helping our patients feel better and live fuller lives each and every day.

For more information on lab work offered at Palm Harbor Pharmacy, give our staff a call at 727-787-2273 or contact us here to set up a time to talk at your convenience. We are more than happy to serve our neighbors in Palm Harbor and the surrounding areas with lab work services and so much more.

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